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kohaito3Located 11 kms south of Adi Keiyh and positioned on a flat plane area are the archaeological sites of Kohaito such as the Queen of Sheba estimated to be a place of warship signifying by the existing pillars brick firing and rock paintings that date back approximately 400-500 B.C.

Although most of the sites have never been excavated; the ruins of the ancient City of Kohaito are very impressive; because of their mere size. In Kohaito, we find structures standing in columns of monumental arrangement, possibly temples. There is also a tomb with a cross indicating the faith of the high-ranking people in the ancient city.

A short walk from the village takes you the edge of a vast canyon that drops away dramatically; the sights are spectacular, especially the seemingly inaccessible location of human settlements; farming areas and terraces that can be seen from far below.

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