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adulisThe ancient Adulis port lay buried for centuries near Massawa. Now one can see both theexcavations as well as unearthed ruins. Adulis has been excavated; and its links with the Roman, Egyptian and Greek Empires and with distant ports are shown by broken pottery made by many manufacturing methods that can be used to date the past and its Events the vast bay, which Adulis overlooks, extends from Massawa to the Buri peninsula and is known as the gulf of zula. adulis2

You can identify the site of Adulis from the large piles of tailings, repetition from excavations by archaeologists. Most of the ruins are constructed in black basalts; these are tombs and Places, the remains of what is possibly an eighth century Christian Church and an earlier temple for sun-worship Adulis' importance was eclipsed in the 7th century; probably by a combination of Arab raids and the port silting up.