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dahlakAfter a good night stay in Asmara you will start to Massawa in bus. You will enjoy the trip down from 2400 meters up to the lowland through the beautiful escarped mountains of Nefasit, valley of Guinda, followed by the desert plain of Gahtielay before to reach Massawa.

Upon arrival you will meet the people in charge of the Dahlak Islands who will explain what you will be able to see, where, the best area etc before to be transferred to the boat "Maila" and to start your cruiser over the Dahlak Archipelago. After the green island where you will see archaeological ruins, one of the oldest building is a mosque built in the middle of the XVI century you will sail to the dissei island with his beautiful beach and to the small village of Gonforor where you will drink tea or coffee before to visit the 7kms of mangrove going inside of the Buri peninsula. This Mangrove if fully protected by the habitant of the village as all fishes are going there for the reproduction.

Then you will sail to visit the island Dahlak Kebir with the gazelle, the old Moslem necropolis. There is up to now 21 islands open to the tourist, the choice will be done at the beginning on your request and the agreement of the captain in function of the technical and meteorological conditions.

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