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meteraMetera is located in Senafe 136 kilometers south of Asmara. The word Senafe is derived from "Sanafen" which in Arabic means "Where is Sana?" this is said to have come from the question asked by the Middle Eastern (Yemeni) traders who used to pass through this area and climb the high-San'a. Just 2 km to the south of the town is the partially excavated ancient city of Metera. A one -hour hike to the iron cross on top of Amba, Metera (Mount Metera can be completed with little difficulty. If hiking is desired, it is important to ask someone to show you the easiest way.

One of the more features of the city, until very recently, was a five meters Stele (Obelisk) with an inscription that has been dated to the 3rd century. On the top is an engraved symbol of a South Arabian divinity. A discover and a crescent. Sadly, this ancient relic was deliberately destroyed by the Ethiopian army and dynamited. It now lies on the ground beside the road where it once stood. The archaeological site covers about 10 hectares conserved to almost two meters in height.

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