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danakilAfter good rest in Asmara, you will start to FORO, 60 Kms South of Massawa , by bus. During this trip you will visit Adulis an ancient port of Erytherie, which had links with Roman, Egyptian and Greek Empires. The next day after a short visit to the lake Bada we will take care of our camel and start our three days nomads’ trip along the coast of the Buri peninsula up to the small village of Gonforor where we will visit the mangrove of 7 kms. We will follow our trip by bus along the coast of the Red sea up to Ghela'Elo.


danakil1 The next day we will travel along the desert coast of Red sea to reach the village of Tio. 8 kms before Tio we will enjoy observing he mangrove area in M'der. There after we will enjoy the meeting with the ostriches, Baboons, Gazelle who are living on this area. The sixth day we will return to Erafayle and spend the night there. During the seventh day we will visit the volcanic area of Bada and the volcanic mountain Alid and Ramlo. In the evening we will return to Massawa. On the eighth day we will arrange a visit to the Green Island 1.5 km from Massawa: You will enjoy ancient ruins and different type of vegetation and the beautiful sand beach. On the ninth day we will return to Asmara via Filfil, Eritrea's Green belt. This savannah area is so attractive to visitors. You will enjoy the greenery, and bird watching. The last (tenth) day will be spending by visiting Asmara, the capital and making shopping.

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