dahlakDahlak Archipelagy After a good night stay in Asmara you will start to Massawa by bus . . .more

divingDahlak Diving At your arrival in Massawa we will go to choose the material for diving and take a coffee with our specialist of the islands, ...more
fishingDahlak Fishing After a good night stay in Asmara you will start to Massawa in bus . .  .more
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Barentu  Kohaito
 Asmara Danakil  Massawa
 Dahlak Arch. Cruiser Debre Sina  Metera
 Danakil Depression Gash Barka  Nakfa
 Semenawi Bahri Keren  

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Dahlak Diving

diving1You will make a choice in function of your interest and with the agreement of the captain taking in account the technical and meteorological condition and your scope of time..............Read More


massawa5Massawa has a chequered history dating back thousands of years.  The ancient Greeks and Egyptians regarded it as an important trading point and in the centuries that followed it became a regional prize worth  ....Read More