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gashbarkaThe thick woodland river line environment on the banks of Barka is different from the rest of Eritrea. The wood comprises Zizyphus, doom Palm and various species of acacia. If visiting in the dry season the contrast with the aridity in the rest of the western lowlands is particularly marked; the availability of water not only facilitates agricultural development, but also provides the life hood for a wide variety of flora and fauna; In 1930s this, and other parts of Eritrea were home to substantial populations' larger African mammals and now with independence and stability the numbers are recovering. gashbarka2


There is still much to see of interest to wildlife enthusiasts and ornithologist. Elephants have already returned to this neck of the woods. A preliminary survey by the Eritrean Wildlife Unit also identified in this area the following species: Abyssinian hare, pale fox, black-backed jackal, common jackal, African wild cat, vervet monkey, anubis baboon, Warthong, soemmering's gazelle and bushbuck.