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barentuBarentu [alt 980m] is in the heart in Kunama territory, and boasts extensive views over the plains towards the border in the west; as well as to the south in the direction of the Barka River. Barentu has one main street, which is lined with many colorful shops and Stalls. A mosque overlooks the busy main square which this street enters at its western end. Near Barentu Mogolo is the principal market place for the semi nomadic Nara people who live hereabouts. The biggest market of the week takes place on Tuesday. You can wander freely among the stalls and see many traditional Nara products being bought and sold; the Nara is particularly well known for their basketwork and saddlery.barentu2

An interesting detour from the main road is to head south from Barentu towards the Barka River, Tocombia (29 km from Barentu) boasts one of the biggest markets in the region (the main market day is Tuesday), attracting people from cattle to fresh product to traditional Kunama daggers.