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dahlakThe Red Sea, one of the richest, unpolluted and beautiful sea is Eritrea's real treasure the water of the Red sea is quite distinctive, because the expanse of the water is narrow, and covers a broad range of latitude with little contact with other seas. It is very saline. The waters are the natural habitat of a large number of endemic fish and corals, which makes them an attraction for divers and fishermen. The most sought after species are barracuda, manta rays and sharks. Although research is still incomplete, it is thought that there are 325 species of fish in the Red sea as well as many different corals, molluscs or shellfish, turtles and the famous dugong (sea cow).


The Dahlak islands, once famous for their pearl divers, are scattered over 15, 000 squaredahlakarc1 kilometres of the read sea, like a broken pearl necklace. Many are easily reached from the port of Massawa, where they shelter some excellent scuba-diving waters. There are over 350 islands in the Eritrean waters, but many are small and a full survey is still awaited on many of the islands. Only 15 islands have land areas over en square kilometres and these are the easiest to visit.

The birds, which use the islands as a breeding ground as well as a migratory resting place, feeding off the shoals of sardines and anchovies in the read sea are a major attraction to ornithologist. Over 109 species have been recorded, including pelicans, herons, storks and flamingos, as well as the rarer orioles, kites and vultures, although the research is not yet completed.